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Welcome to, the global musicians database. This site was established to promote the use of live musicians and bands. It is an easy to use tool to put the people who are in search of entertainers in touch with those performers directly. Another benefit of this site is to the band leader who needs to fill a position in their ensemble. Finally, this site benefits musicians and/or bands directly by helping them get their name out to people worldwide by just filling out a few simple forms. By filling out these forms the musicians and bands build a virtual web space page that people can visit and if it meets the consumers' needs the musicians will be contacted.

Musicians: It's easy to join, just leave the username and password blank and press the logon Button. You will be presented with a form to collect the necessary data to get your message out to the world. Remember to put a brief bio into the comment section. Do not put any enters in the text that you enter. If you would like to post a photo up to the site, email it to us.

Site Visitors: The site is very easy to navigate through. Just use the buttons at the top right of the page to find musicians, bands, band gear, band gigs, band news, and/or band promotions. Once you've selected what you want to find, use the query screens to narrow your search criteria. Once you get a grid of names from your search, press the icon under the musicians' name to get the full details on that member.

Important Legal Stuff: HireLiveMusicians and it's officials are not an employment or gig placement service of any type.  HireLiveMusicians is not to be held responsible for any breech of contract or agreement by any parties participating in any transactions made possible through the information obtained through this website.  HireLiveMusicians makes no guarantees of employment due to the placement of data on this site via a membership.   HireLiveMusicians is not responsible for any errors or misinformation contained in the materials contained within this website.  The materials content is the sole responsibility of the members or parties posting the information HireLiveMusicians will post the information as it is received by the sender.

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